Fretting about electives

Orientation week #2 has been quite a different experience from last week. The 400+ other SIPA students have made the International Affairs Building a much busier place, and orientation sessions have been much more geared toward learning the ins and outs of academic life on campus.

When not drinking calculus through a water hose at the daily “math camp,” I spent my time fretting about the elective classes I want to take my first semester. Luckily, I was (mistakenly?) given a registration date that was earlier than many of the other first-year SIPA students. Not-so-luckily, my registration dates (Tuesday and Wednesday) were before the advising session that was supposed to equip me with an understanding of how to register. With the help of Corey (a student advisor for my program) and after staying up until 1am on Monday night to parse out my preferred electives, I managed to register without much trouble.

I’m only planning to take only one elective course this semester (and the “Earth Institute Practicum” – pass/fail), but I’ve registered for three: New Media for Development Communication, Non-Profit Financial Management (may require accounting as a pre-req), and Microfinance and the Developing World. I’m already leaning heavily in favor of one of these courses, but please help me select the elective I should take by voting in this poll.

Also, check out my draft schedule below. I will have Mondays off!


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