Working out in NYC

Without much else to do in the few days that remain before school starts, I have been scoping out my new ‘hood. Yesterday, I walked over to the rock gym at the Manhattan Park Health Club (just eight minutes away). The facility was tiny by Boulder standards, but I think having an indoor gym at my disposal will be key to maintaining my sanity between classes and braving NYC insanity.

This morning, I went on my inaugural run in NYC (my bike won’t arrive in NYC until this afternoon), which took me west on 48th to the path that follows the West Side Highway, up to 79th and back (about 4.5 miles). It was hot, but my lungs appreciated the thick air. I saw a handful of serious bikers and about as many signs warning bikers to “slow down” and “be respectful.”

Training in the city might be difficult, but I’m determined. I’ve already figured out my first ride: across the Brooklyn Bridge out to Coney Island and back (about 30 miles). My bike should be delivered today and ready to ride tomorrow (fingers crossed).

If all goes well, I plan to get in über-shape in time to compete in Staten Island CX this fall.


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