Well, this is gonna be interesting

It all became real when, on the shuttle-bus from LGA, we turned a corner and there were the iconic skyscrapers of Manhattan – my new home. After spending a full month reveling in the Colorado wilderness, the densely packed metropolis that is NYC was a very sharp contrast. I’m going to miss the ability to walk out my door and ride to the top of a mountain – passing just a handful of people as I pedal into the thin, clean air.

On my first full day in NYC, I woke up super early (jet-lag be damned) to meet my aunt and uncle for a hike over the Brooklyn Bridge. A cold shower (the hot water was not working) jolted me awake in time to make my way downtown. As the sun rose over shipyards and cantilevered bridges (first photo), I thought that while nothing can come close to Colorado’s mountains, this urban wilderness holds its own charm and the culture shock will pass.

After some unpacking, box-retrieving, more unpacking and a nap, I met up with some of my future classmates at a bar near campus. Our backgrounds were as unique as they could possibly be, but everyone seemed just as nervous and excited and I am about what the next two years will hold.

Today, the jet-lag caught up with me. I got up late and hurried off to sign my six-month lease on my new apartment, which happens to be two blocks from Times Square. My room is tiny but quiet (it’s amazing how much difference two blocks make in NYC) and has an AC unit (thank the Lord). Later, I made my way up to Columbia to get my ID, which – as I found out – I won’t get until orientation. So much for my plan to get set up with a student-discounted membership at the rock climbing gym near my apartment before classes start. In any case, I got to walk around campus. The second photo is of the Low Memorial Library, a place I will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in the next few years.

That’s all for now.


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